Carla Bechelli Arquitectos Unveils Villa Housing Project at 2016 Venice Biennale


Carla Bechelli Arquitectos has created an exhibition of its multiple-residence project, Las Piedras Villas & Houses, a 2015 recipient of an International Property Award, which is currently on display at the 2016 Venice Biennale, at Palazzo Bembo. 

Located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires in Argentina, the project consists of a series of small-scale buildings around a central lake intended to create a dialogue with the single-family housing in the surrounding neighborhood.

As the urban plan moves away from the lake, building heights and density increase, resembling rings rippling outwards. 

The project further incorporates nature into its core through a central park area, to which all units, expansion areas, and terraces are provided views, through which the classical concept of an Italian villa—closed off and shielded from the outside—is reinforced.

Furthermore, the villas are terraced, “to widen the overall inner space of the project and give the units enhanced natural sunlight and 180-degree views for their top levels.” 

The exhibition at the Venice Biennale is a large-scale, tridimensional installation, and utilizes layering to express changes in time, movement, and space, particularly through imagery of vegetation. “This 3D artwork subtly demands the viewer to walk past it, as architecture unveils through nature.”